Below are a few examples of projects focusing on exploring and experimenting with technology.

Gestural Text Input for Augmented Reality

Creative Tech

If augmented reality (AR) is to become more ubiquitous, the input modalities need to be established. For situations when speech input isn’t possible or ideal, there will need to be a secondary mode of input which should be possible while walking, standing or sitting. Gestural input could offer a solution.


Motion & Gestural Art Installation

Creative Tech

Public installations should evoke a feeling of discovery and surprise. This installation seems ambiguous from a distance, but as you get closer it becomes clear that you are part of the art. Users can draw using their hands, while visualising motion with their bodies.

Custom Dublin Bus Real Time Display

Creative Tech

“Phantom Buses” which disappear from real time displays and may or may not show up are a common problem with Dublin Bus. This real time display offers increased clarity over incoming buses by highlighting where they currently are along the route prior to the selected stop.